Why Is My AC Not Working?

Texans know that there is hot, then there’s Texas hot. Not having your air conditioner working properly means AC Repair Jasper is needed faster than good hair goes limp! You want to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but if your unit is not functioning, before you pull your hair out, there are some simple fixes to try at home.

Pour a nice tall glass of sweet tea, then wander room to room and take a look at your filters. When life gets in the way, sometimes dirt and hair get in the way, too. If you are not changing these frequently, that might be the reason for your air to not be cool. A general rule of thumb is to change these every 90 days. If, however, you have pets and/or allergies, a better rule is to change your filters every 30 to 45 days.

After you have taken inventory of your indoor filters, refill that glass of tea and take a look outside to make sure that your unit is not covered up with ants, dirt, mud, clutter of any kind, such as an overgrown bush or fallen tree branches. If your outdoor unit can’t breathe, that might be the very reason why you can’t breathe, indoors.

After checking your filters and the outside unit, check around your home to make certain that all of the windows are tightly sealed. Although you might think, “it’s hot outside, of course my windows are sealed shut,” but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, a child might open the window to yell at a friend or his/her parent arriving home. You might have raised the windows to air out the house on a pretty day, then only closed, but maybe you didn’t seal the window shut, and locked tightly.

When you have ruled out all of the above, keep in mind that having annual checkups by an expert on your heating and air unit is always the right call.


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