Why a Geothermal HVAC Unit? And What Even is it?

I had no idea either. When I first looked into a new HVAC unit for our home, I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options available in today’s market. I did my research, so now you won’t have to. Well… you probably still should (haven’t you heard never to trust anything you read on the internet?), but here are the basics for you:

1)      Geothermal energy is renewable. It is energy taken from the earth’s heat, which is then used to power your HVAC unit. It is much less expensive to run and use than a traditional unit- up to 60% cheaper on a month to month basis, in fact!

2)      A geothermal unit lasts up to twice as long as a traditional HVAC unit. Yes- that much longer. That means you are looking at a possible 20 years before you will ever have to replace it again.

3)      They need less maintenance. Because of the way they work (which is much different than a furnace that relies on a traditional heat pump), they require less continued financial investment over the course of its lifetime.

4)      They are better for the environment. A geothermal unit uses half of the carbon of a traditional unit.

5)      They are safer. There is no flame or flue and they do not emit odors of any kind.

In addition to all of these reasons that you simply must get a geothermal unit, there are all kinds of tax write-offs and incentives tied to the purchase of a geothermal HVAC unit. Don’t delay, but contact the experts at Home Comfort Geo on their website at http://homecomfortgeo.com/locations/kentucky/louisville-ky.php to schedule your consultation today.

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