The Purposes Of Using ROWPU 3000 Water Treatment Unit

An RO or a reverse osmosis is a purifying technology. A semi permeable membrane is being used in order to remove some ions, molecules, and other larger particles from drinking waters. An applied pressure is also being used in order to overcome the osmotic pressure or the colligative property being driven by the chemical differences of the solvent.

Reverse osmosis is also used in most industrial processes and as well as in producing potable water. And as a result, the solute will be retained on the membrane side which is pressurized and the solvent will pass to the other side. The membrane only allows the smaller components to pass, such as the solvent molecules. The main use of reverse osmosis purification unit or ROWPU 3000 water treatment unit is for the military use.

Nowadays, there are a lot of systems for drinking purifications are already used and one if it is the reverse osmosis. Ultraviolet lamp, activated carbon filter, sediment filter, second carbon filter, and second sediment filter are some steps that are used in processing. The separation of pure waters from salty waters can be one important process involved in osmosis.

The utilized membranes in a process of osmosis have dense layers in the polymer matrix. The polymer matrix is where the separating process will occur. The membranes are usually designed only to allow the waters in passing through dense layers and will not allow solutes to pass such as the ions. This osmosis process became more popular because of salt separation from the seawaters. This process is called desalination.

The ROWPU with 3000 gallons is used by the armies for purifying water. This process will help in treating waters which may either be fresh or brackish, or if it is contaminated. The system is contained in a 8 x 8 x 20 feet sized ISO container mounted on a military trailer with a size of 30 feet. The power source that has 60 kilowatts generator can be found at the rear part of trailer.

The system was designed in order to purify 3,000 gallons in 77 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in just one hour. Turbidity is one factor that would more likely affect the rate of production. The system also has the capability to remove effectively any concentration of the chemicals, agents, and radioactive of nuclear origin products which may be hazardous.

So here are the ways on how this treatment unit is being processed. First is the raw system draws it from the source through a course screen. The raw pump will then be filled and it is turned on, pulling air from the suction hose and pulling it up from the pump as well. So for it to be pulled up quickly, a prime which is hand operated must be used.

For initial priming, a can or hand pump will be used. By the use of hand pumps, lifting it through hose sections will only take two to three minutes, and if not, it takes six to eight minutes when lifting. When the pump is primed already, suctions and check valves will prevent it from running back down to its source.

Raw pump pressure will deliver it to separators. In the separator will occur the swirling of it in high speed to toss away the dirt and the sand through a waste hose. When it passes the separators, it will then be transported to the ROWPU vans and the suction for the booster pump feeds the water which is pressurized to its infiltration components.

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