IAS- One Of The Biggest Civil Service Examination

Every year, there are thousands of individuals appearing for one of the most important civil services exam in India, the Indian Administrative services. This is a civil service exam which is held by the UPSC every year. There are three stages of the exam that one has to clear in order to get through the Union Public Service Commission. Each of the exam pattern or stages is carried out by the UPSC itself. In order to have complete information about the IAS exams it is important that you know about the three levels involved in it.

The preliminary which is otherwise also known as the CSAT exam is the base level exam or the 1st level exam among the three stage civil service pattern. The date or timing for the exam is fixed; you can find the exam being held either on the 2nd or the 3rd Sunday in the month of May.

There are certain qualities that the officers look for the candidates during the selection process. As because they are strict the success rate for the exams is very low. There are a lot of individuals appearing for the exam every year in order to become a civil service officer, but only a few of them make it.

It is important to get the right concept about the exam in your mind in order be successful in the exam. If you are able to do the right preparation on a daily basis, success is not very far. Preparing for every stage wisely will definitely help you with an achievement in the first attempt itself.

Also there is no limit for the number of times that you can appear the exam till you attain the age of thirty. People who belong to weaker sections of the society are allowed to have age relaxations for the number of tries. There is special qualification needed for the individuals to be able to appear the exam, except that they should be graduates.

In the Mains the Candidates have to pick two papers, along with which General Science and the Essay Writing are compulsory for everyone. Also English and one other paper of Indian language are compulsory. However the qualifying nature and scores in this level is never revealed to make the merit determination.

After you have crossed both the levels of the examination, you are next taken to the final phase of the IAS pattern. Here you are interviewed by a panel of specialists from among the UPSC committee headquarters, which is present in New Delhi. Candidates who have successfully cleared the Mains examination of the Civil service exams are eligible to sit for the interview.

Candidates that are called for the civil service interview are thrice the number of seats available and the interview begins generally at the end of March and continues up to 1st week of May. The interview is taken by the UPSC member and other panel members specially called up for the interview. It may also comprise of the subject experts and even repute bureaucrats. The interview gets over at an average time of 20 minutes where you can also find individuals who get out of the interview room in 5 minutes too. You get to view the results finally just few days before the next IAS exam, which takes a completed one year of the time.

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