5 Furnace Facts

Once temperatures drop, people start to turn on their furnaces so their homes stay warm and cozy. In Bend, OR, you can rely on Mountain View Heating, Inc., for assistance, service or information. Here are a few things to know about the appliance that keeps your home comfortable during the cold months.

1. Furnaces Have Been Around Longer Than You Think

When was the furnace invented? Surprisingly, it was around 1200 BC. The Romans used a furnace called a hypocaust to heat their homes. The system pumped heat in through a home’s walls and floors. In the Middle Ages, Cistercian monks used furnaces to warm up their buildings by heating water from rivers running alongside their monasteries. The English were the first to use a system of steam heat.

2. Furnaces Can Last a Long Time

While gas furnaces are designed to last no more than 20 years, they can sometimes endure twice as long with regular maintenance. They do get less efficient as they age, but a new furnace can stay highly efficient for up to two decades.

3. Furnaces Have Three Major Components

Gas furnaces have three main components that heat air and push it into your home. These are the burner, blower and heat exchanger. The burner uses natural gas to create heat. The heat exchanger sends breathable air into your home while sending gas from combustion out of the home through a vent. The blower directs heat throughout your home, even into distant rooms.

4. The Government Regulates Furnace Installation

As a matter of public safety, federal, state and sometimes local governments regulate how furnaces are installed. This is done to prevent fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and other problems.

5. Most Homes Are Heated by Furnaces

Most homes in the U.S. are heated by a gas furnace. It’s the most economical method of heating a home. On average, a gas furnace uses 30% less energy than an electric one.

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Furnace vs Fireplace: Which One is More Efficient?

The residents of Bend can count on Mountain View Heating to provide them with conscientious information and a full range of heating services. As homeowners look for more efficient ways to heat their homes, the question of whether a fireplace or furnace is more efficient comes up often.

Furnaces and Fireplaces

Chances are you are not choosing between a furnace and a fireplace. You may be considering augmenting your existing furnace with a fireplace, or you may be buying a new system and deciding whether to purchase just a furnace or both. The answer is that it depends on you and your home.

The Advantage of Localized Heating

Most people can save through the use of localized heating. What that means is that you maintain a lower temperature throughout the home via your central system, and you then augment heating in the lived-in spaces via fireplaces, space heaters, sunlight and so forth. Homeowners who enjoy a fireplace can lower the house-wide temperature by as much as 10 degrees, which is a lot.

Zoned Heating and Cooling

A modern alternative to a traditional central system is a zoned system. Such systems feature variable-speed air handlers and multiple thermostats, which allow them to heat various areas of the home differently. If you are installing new equipment, this is an alternative to a furnace-plus-fireplace combination.

Choosing the Efficient Option

BTU is a measure of how efficient a heating product is, and you can use that rating to compare a furnace to a fireplace. However, as demonstrated above, that is not the whole story. Circumstances may vary, but if you are adding a fireplace to augment your furnace, it’s usually a win in the efficiency department.

Your Comfort Solution

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