Rules For Employment Background Screening Valdosta Ga Companies Must Follow

There are all kinds of reasons that Georgia businesses choose to check on the truthfulness and qualifications of a potential employee. Sometimes companies have had bad experiences with workers who lied on job applications or exaggerated their abilities. If you are an employer who has decided to perform formal employment background screening Valdosta GA professionals want you to know that there are strict laws and regulations that may apply.

Many employers choose to hire companies that specialize in fact checking and investigating individuals. They already know what laws apply to situations and which states have requirements of their own. Small businesses often do the work of vetting a potential worker themselves. Depending upon the position to be filled, it may or may not be necessary to conduct a formal screening.

If you are going to investigate an applicant’s history, you have some obligations to them. They must be made aware that the research is going to be done. This requires their signature on a paper that is separate from the job application. If you decide not to hire the person applying, you must give them that information. In most states, that individual has the right to see the report that was generated.

There are certain things you are permitted check up on and others that are prohibited. You can pull credit reports, medical records, criminal history, and driving records. You can contact previous employers and the references that the person gives you. You can also verify their educational degrees. In most cases, you can also get information on whether or not an individual has ever applied for worker’s compensation.

A lot of service oriented companies use independent contractors, like salesmen. These individuals are not considered employees, but their backgrounds can be checked just as if they were. People who have nannies, maids, landscapers, and drivers, are also allowed to put those individuals through a screening process.

It sometimes becomes necessary to investigate a current employee suspected of some misconduct in the workplace. When this happens, the employer has no obligation to inform anyone of any private checking going on. If it turns out the person being investigated appears to be guilty of violating company policy, of theft, or breaking local, state, or federal laws, the business does not have to supply the dismissed employee with any documentation. Employers are within their rights to turn any pertinent information over to the authorities, if the situation warrants it.

Small businesses often opt to do their own research instead of employing an outside company. In this case, some things should be taken into consideration. They should have a good working knowledge of what the rules and regulations are pertaining to screenings. There are agencies available to give general advice, usually for free. Be careful of websites that promise to do all of the background work for a fee. They are not always reliable.

Checking employee backgrounds as a precaution sometimes saves time and expense down the road. Interested and honest job applicants should be happy to cooperate. You can never be too careful with sensitive company files and business related information.

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Why Companies Conduct An Employment Background Screening Valdosta GA

Due to the rapid change of the human resources issues, many employers are taking some time to go thoroughly through the credentials of the potential employees. In many occurrences, companies hire people in a hurry, only to find out that the people they hired were not qualified for the posts they were given. They later have to do the difficult job of firing them and hiring others. This could destroy the image of the company and bring in big losses. Below are the reasons as to why companies should conduct an employment background screening Valdosta GA.

Taking your time in conducting something, may it research, finding more about someone or scrutinizing documents sees to it that you eventually do a great analysis. Same applies to such an employment industry too. There exist fake people with fake certificates, and if you are not keen, then you might end up employing them and regretting in the future. Such a background screening, therefore, is vital if a company values its name and quality services to its clients too.

It helps to boost safety and security in the workplaces. The checks will help to filter persons that are threats to a company. Such checks will look keenly on issues such as the criminal history of such persons. You may rely on certified bodies such as the FBI to help you get whether the persons has any past criminal records. As such, you can eliminate persons that could be a threat to the security and safety of your company.

It assists in enlightening the regulatory compliance. It is important for a company to follow the required working regulations in the state they are in. Following these rules and regulations saves the company from having to pay heavy fines to the government now and then for breaking rules.

It decreases the chance and probability of hiring negligent persons. Negligence in the workplace is a huge risk. It poses a great to the business at large. Moreover, a company could lose their operating licenses due to such negligence issues. For instance, if it is a medical field and a negligent hire causes death that could ruin the reputation of such an institution.

Investing in a company is usually a great and critical step as risks of failure are there. Therefore seeing to it that everything runs smoothly is important as you get to distance yourself from several negative incidences such as employees resigning at an alarming rate that may end up leading the organization to a ditch. All these can, therefore, be minimized by thorough employee check up before employing them.

It reduces alcohol and drug abuse cases. A thorough check will identify persons who are under the influence of alcohol. Although it is not good to discriminate such persons, it allows you counsel and understands how to help such individuals. It will boost a healthy working environment.

All in all, such a scrutinizing act before employing specific persons is necessary as you get to know them deeply a fact that plays a huge role in the final decision making which is either to employ them or not.

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