How to Measure Indoor Air Pollution

Air pollution isn’t limited to outdoor environments. Outdoor pollution makes its way into your home, and there are hazards found primarily indoors. When we talk about pollution, we refer to several different pollutants that can have an affect on health. Some common indoor pollutants include:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Particulates
  • Radon
  • Humidity
  • Formaldehyde

Air Pollution Sensors

For accurate and periodic measurements of indoor pollution, we recommend you purchase air quality monitors and place them around your home. These monitors contain sensors that measure specific pollutants, so you’ll want to carefully research them.

Some monitors are designed to measure only specific pollutants like radon while other monitors are comprehensive. Depending on your health concerns and needs, you may need one or more monitor types to achieve the coverage you require.

Sensor Placement

Another reason you may need to get multiple sensors is that the placement depends on the pollutant being measured. Pollutants that are lighter than air will collect at the ceiling of rooms and travel to higher floors. Heavier pollutants will do the opposite: They sink to the floor and travel toward your basement.

To measure these pollutants accurately, you’ll need to place your monitors at appropriate heights. You’ll also need to avoid vents, induction sources and ceiling fans. Wall mounts that aren’t in direct sunlight are usually best.

Controlling Indoor Pollutants

When you accurately measure indoor air pollution, you take a step toward prevention. You’ll be able to pinpoint sources of pollution that you may not expect. You’ll also discover that suspected pollutants may not be present. Finally, you’ll have a better idea of the steps you need to take to improve your air quality with measurements in hand.

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