Save Green and Go Green with a High Efficiency Furnace

Sure, I want to do my part to save the environment. I recycle, walk places when I can, drive a low gas mileage vehicle, yet it seems like many of the recommended “environmentally friendly” advancements I can use in my home cost an arm and a leg. Frankly, I would rather feed and clothe my children than install solar panels or a water saving toilet. So when I heard about high efficiency furnaces, an environmentally friendly upgrade I could put in my home that would actually save me money, I couldn’t pass it up. Here is why I decided to go green and save green at the same time:

1)      They really save you money every month. The AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) on a new Carrier unit can be up to 98.5%. Simply put, only 1.5% of the energy my home uses to run this furnace is wasted or escapes. With a traditional non-efficient furnace, the wasted amount of energy can be as much as 20-30%.

2)      They work better. Yep. I am not only being environmentally conscious, but advancements like a variable speed fan and quiet combustion technology make it to where my furnace (that same one that is costing me less each month to run) is heating my home more evenly, consistently all while controlling the humidity levels at the same time.

3)      I know what I’m getting. They’ve done tests to see which units run the best and operate on the least amount of energy, and Carrier had the highest rated furnaces of 2014. Problem solved.

The Carrier Comfort Team knows everything there is to know about the benefits of having a high efficiency furnace installed in your home. Contact them at today!

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