How to Clean Your AC Unit

If you’re like me, you may have inadvertently skipped an AC service appointment or two. But before you start looking up air conditioning Bellevue Nebraska, save some money and clean the unit yourself. This post will go over how to clean the condenser unit of your AC. For those that are not handy like myself, this is the big outdoor unit. Dirt builds up in this and causes stress on the system. Stress can lead to inefficiency and also costly repairs. Clean it once a year to make sure your unit is in top shape. Here is how you do it:

  1. Turn off the power to the unit. You do not want to get electrocuted in this process. If you can’t find the switch outside, turn off the power by flipping the breaker in your electrical panel. If you can’t find that, call an expert.
  2. Use a shop vac to vacuum the outside of the unit. Grass, leaves, dirt, and even rocks can build up in here.
  3. Use a butter knife to straighten the fins. These can get bent from dogs, stray rocks, and any number of other factors. After straightening, remove the fan and spray the fins clean from the inside of the unit.
  4. Restart the unit to ensure that it is working properly. Keep an eye out for any leaks, especially around any place where pipes connect. This can indicate an oil leak and needs professional help immediately.

If after cleaning the AC unit, your air is still not working, it is probably time to call in an expert. You can save money by making sure you do this yearly and calling a repair company to perform other regular maintenance.

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