Heater Maintenance Tips

You’ve undoubtedly heard that prevention is better than cure. The quote applies to heater maintenance. Regular maintenance has many benefits including higher efficiency and lower energy costs. TechnoAir is the solution to all heating maintenance needs for both commercial and residential customers in Grove City, OH.

Here are some tips on heat maintenance we thought you should know.

1.    Replacing Your Air Filters

Replacing filters may seem like something very minor, but it makes a difference in your heating system. Dirty and old air filters usually overwork your system. Replacing them will improve efficiency.

2.    Installing a Programmable Thermostat

A thermostat will give you more control. You can adjust and determine your room temperature 24/7 whenever you want. No need to worry about fluctuations.

3.    Insulating the Attic
The attic is the most common area where heat loss occurs. It is essential to always have this point in mind. It still needs extra insulation. Remember, heat loss can be expensive. A sharp spike in the bill can be a sign of heat loss. In such cases, the heating system is overworked to compensate for the lost heat.

4.    Clear the Area Close to the Furnace

Clearing anything flammable from the area surrounding the furnace is important. Even more important, children should be kept away from this area.

5.    The Annual Heat Maintenance

Book an appointment for your home’s or commercial annual heat maintenance. A professional technician will check every single point in your heating system. Any repairs or maintenance needed will be done. After that, the technician will conduct an operational test.

At TechnoAir, we care about your comfort. We have over 20 years of experience of providing excellent cooling services to the residents of Grove City, OH, and the surrounding areas. We always deliver quality. We provide services such as furnace maintenance, heat pump installation repair and replacement and more. Contact us today!

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