Haboobs and Monsoons – Your Air Conditioner’s Enemies

Summer means we’ll be pummeled by monsoons and haboobs once again. Monsoons can be a nice break from the heat (and from spending a ton to water our plants), and interesting weather like haboobs are always fun to watch, but the two intense storms can cause damage to our homes. I’ve seen patio covered get ripped off of homes, power lines and big trees snapped like twigs, and block walls crumble like they were clay.

With all of the damage the storms can do, just imagine what that type of weather can do to your air conditioner! The high speed winds can really clog your cooling system with dirt and debris, compromising its functionality and efficiency. Take note of how dirty your patio furniture, windows, and items in your yard get after a summer storm. Now think of all of that dirt and debris clogging your air conditioner! Your HVAC system should be professional serviced seasonally, and after summer storms is especially important.

Schmitt Refrigeration is one of the leading local cooling and heating companies, and they can get your air conditioner inspected, cleaned, and tuned-up in no time. You’ll notice a big difference in your system’s energy efficiency, as well as the air quality in your home!

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