Functions Of Feminine Hygiene Products

Understanding the functions played by feminine hygiene products is something that all people of the feminine gender need to have at their fingertips. This is because, as compared to the males, they are very exposed to some dangers due to the difference in general life cycles and basic metabolism if they are compared with their counterparts.

The purpose of having these products with you at all times is to ensure that you are protected from body excretions like sweat and some odor that is as a result of this excretion. In the market, you will have different kinds of them depending on what you need to be protected from. Some of them include pads, vaginal gels and panty liners.

One cannot go over their menstruation days before putting them into use. It is notable that products like tampons, pads and liners are usually used to absorb by-product of this process. Liners can also be used. Picking of any of these merchandise will depend on the duration that one takes during these days and also the kind of their flow either heavy or light.

Light flows or any light discharge can be easily handled using the liners. The difference that lies between tampons and maxi pads is that pads are normally kept on the fabrics of the inner wear just like the liners while the tampon is something that can be worn directly on ones body which to most girls is seen as more hygienic.

It is not about menstruation only; there are other different times when these products will still need to be used. When one is undergoing the menopause stage, there are cases of vaginal dryness something that is common to most women. This may make one feel uneasy and uncomfortable. However, ones comfort can be regained back if they use vaginal moisturizers and gels.

Inability to maintain effective cleanness may lead to some complications such as infections which lead to things like frequent itching, swelling and discomfort. Some merchandise are aimed to protect you from such infections. However, it is advisable to follow up with a doctor before going for the over the counter drugs.

There is a need for one to have a fresh and attractive odor. However, these excretions including sweating may hamper this effect. There are some who feel that the smell they have is so high such that those around them cannot tolerate it. This if not well taken care of may end up leading to one getting their confidence jeopardized. However, most of these merchandise have fragrance in them to deal with this effect.

When it comes to choosing of the right product to use one is endowed with different types and from different brands. It is imperative that one goes for a product that is suitable for their need at hand. For example if you see that you are in a heavy flow then go for pads and tampons. On the contrary, the light flow applies to the liners. More, so there is a need for one to go for a brand that is not going to have an impact on ones skin.

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