Details That Help To Reveal More About Private Label Indoor Tanning Lotion

Firms who make tan products for other companies to put their name or brand on are known as private label indoor tanning lotion manufacturers. These manufacturers make a wide variety of products and they are generally priced lower than national or international brands. Most retailers have what is known as their “store brand”, and these products are usually made and supplied by a private label company.

This type of products is just one example of the huge world of private label products and branding. These lotions are sometimes mistaken for other sunless tan lotions, however, they really are very different. For instance, they to do not protect users from the sun and they contain no sunscreen ingredients. Also, they are meant to be used in conjunction with ultra violet lights sources to achieve the full affects that they offer.

Ultra violate light is most often come by through the use of the many beds and booths found at special salons. The lotions contain specific ingredients that react or work better under ultra violate light, such as copper elements, oils, and melanin derivatives. These ingredients are designed to be used in a tan bed or a special booth and are formulated in a way that does not harm or stain the acrylics often used in the beds.

Another main use for these is to hydrate and moisturize the skin prior to using a bed. The beds are known to dehydrate and dry skin out, leaving it uneven and devoid of moisture. Tanning lotions help to keep the skin moisturized both before and after use of the beds or booths.

These items are just that, meant for indoor use only. By their nature, they do not provide any sort of protection from the sun, and should not be relied on for that reason. These products are designed specifically for use with such methods and consumers should not use them if they do not intend to use one of these methods to get their skin darker.

There are different kinds of lotions that are meant to be used for different reasons and results. Some include exfoliating agents which help rid the skin of and dead skin which would affect their best bed results. Often these exfoliating lotions are meant for use in booths that combine both ultra violet lights and tanning sprays.

Other private label indoor tanning lotion selections include ingredients that offer results in a shorter amount of time. This is especially good for those who want to minimize the time they spend under the harsh rays of a bed. Yet another lotion formulation is meant for those who wish to erase or minimize tan lines which are often unsightly and annoying.

Indoor tanning sessions require a specially constructed sun laboratories to be successful. Use of the right self tanning lotion is the other component in the process.

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