When to Have Someone Look at Your AC Unit

I am always looking for an easy answer to a hard question. Should I take my child to the hospital if he has a 103 degree fever? Ten different websites will give me ten different answers- use homeopathic remedies, I should already be at the hospital, give him a cool bath, no a hot bath, rub this oil on his feet… I just want a simple, easy to understand answer. Fortunately, when I tried to figure out if my air conditioner needed serviced, it was really easy to figure out. If any of the following are happening, call someone to your home or business and have them take a look at your AC:

1)      Your vents stop blowing air. Simple enough. If they usually kick on in a blaze of cool air, and now they kick on but you can barely feel them, that is a sign your AC needs servicing.

2)      They stop blowing cool air. If it’s warm when it comes out of the vents even though it is set to cool your home or business, please call someone to check it out. This issue can eventually lead to the replacement of your entire unit if not properly fixed.

3)      You start to hear or smell strange things coming from your vents. If you smell a smoky, dusty scent, or even some other odor, or start to hear creaks that don’t sound familiar, have it checked out.

These are the very simple ways you can know if you need to have someone come service your unit. It is always a good idea to perform routine maintenance on your air conditioner before anything becomes a larger issue. Contact the experts at Bryant Comfort Heroes at http://www.bryantcomfortheroes.com/locations/illinois/air-conditioning-heating-carbondale-illinois.php to schedule a service person today.

Should You Have Your AC Serviced?

People assume that because I live in Scottsdale, I must have a lot of money to blow. Unfortunately, that is not the case at this stage in my life. Sure, I like to go out for a nice dinner and enjoy the best of the Valley’s entertainment scene, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m cleaning my car with $100 bills. Because I am often trying to save a penny here or there, I try to be cautious about taking good care of my home to avoid costly repairs and replacements. If your air conditioner is doing any of the following, make sure you call an expert today so that you don’t need to have it replaced in the near future:

1)      Making funny noises. This seems simple enough, but strange sounds you aren’t used to hearing can indicate the start of a problem in your air conditioner.

2)      It stops blowing cool air. You know when you get in the car on a July day and crank your air conditioning only to have it blow warm air around your vehicle? It’s kind of like that. If your vents are blowing but the air is not cool, that is a sign you may need a servicing.

3)      It smells weird. That’s right- smoky, dusty, musty, whatever you want to call it. Those are bad signs, as your air conditioner should not be emitting strange smells at all.

4)      It doesn’t blow much air. When it kicks on, it should kick on. If there isn’t much air blowing, you should call someone.

I once had a repairman replace a part and tell me had I waited a week longer, it would have blown and called for the replacement of my entire unit. Don’t let that be you! If you need the cooling service Scottsdale trusts above all else, contact Western States Home Services at http://westernstateshomeservices.com/scottsdale-air-conditioning.