How To Choose Your New AC Units

New ac units come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be confusing deciding which one is best for your home or business. That’s where AAA Cooling comes in. They are the leading professional air conditioning installers in the Scottsdale area, and are the right people to steer you through the air conditioning maze.

Clearly with the high summer temperatures that Scottsdale experiences every year, just about every home and business needs air conditioning. But every home and business doesn’t need the same system.

Your main decision is between a central air unit and individual room air conditioners. Most people opt for the latter solution as being more flexible and easier to control; they are of course more affordable than central air systems.

Air conditioning systems have two main functions. They don’t just cool the air, they also reduce the humidity in the air. If you have a unit that is too small for space in your run, you are never going to be able to lower the temperature to a satisfactory level. If on the other hand the unit is too large, the air will be cooled down very quickly, and the unit’s thermostat will shut it down. However, this will leave the air feeling damp, as the unit won’t have had time to dry the air. This will leave the room feeling cold, but damp and humid.

The placing of units in larger spaces is highly important. If you have an odd shaped room, perhaps an “L” or a “T”, then AAA Cooling are likely to recommend that you install two units. If you have just one unit in rooms which aren’t square or oblong, there’s a danger that you simply produce hot spots and cold spots, instead of even coolness throughout the space.

An important consideration for most homeowners is not simply the initial cost of a unit, but the ongoing running cost. With the cost of energy escalating year on year, and a healthy consciousness of the importance of conserving our natural resources wisely, choosing an energy efficient unit makes sense. Although the upfront cost is higher, running costs will be much lower, and the payback period is generally pretty short.

Another consideration is the way the unit is controlled. Modern units have a number of settings, including fan speed and the actual temperature. Obviously the higher the fan speed, the more quickly cold air is moved into the room space, but this is usually at the sacrifice of quiet operation. Modern units tend to much quieter overall than older models, so you may not be so concerned about this aspect.

Positioning of controls is important – they need to be easy to reach, and easy to understand too. Remote control is becoming a standard feature, including being able to control the unit from anywhere that has a phone signal, using wifi.

Although AAA has a great maintenance system, you’ll probably want to do the minor job of cleaning filters yourself. Check to make sure that this task is really easy, especially if you are an older person who might have flexibility issues in your hands. Most modern units are simplicity itself when it comes to cleaning and changing filters, so this isn’t likely to be a problem.

Although it’s possible to install a unit yourself, it’s far better to have this work done by a professional. The team at AAA Cooling are standing by to advise you on your cooling requirements, the options available to you, and of course, they can arrange remarkably easy finance.

Choosing new ac units is a real pleasure when you have professionals to help, and they will add value as well as comfort to your home.

Paradise Valley AC and Furnace Repair

If you’re looking for a great Paradise Valley AC and furnace repair company, call the folks at Day & Night, Air Conditioning and Plumbing before you pay someone to do expensive repairs.  The reason, your AC and/or furnace might not be the root of the problem.

Obviously, if your unit isn’t working at all, it needs to be repairs or replaced, but oftentimes, people will place a call for service because their HVAC equipment is running non stop.  It has to work overtime, and even then, it doesn’t manage to keep your home comfortably cool in the summer or warm during those long, cold winter months.

Now, it could be the case that there’s genuinely some problem with your equipment, and if so, then the folks of Day & Night can fix you up and have your equipment working again in short order, but those kinds of repairs are usually more expensive than some of the other things that can go wrong with your equipment.  It pays to have a technician on the scene who knows what to check for, knows how to check, and will guide you in the direction of the most cost effective repair that will get you back up and running, because that fixes the problem AND it saves you money!

So what, besides faulty equipment, could be causing the problem you’re having?  Well, lots of things actually, but specifically in cases where your unit is running constantly, but just not getting the job done, the real problem could be your ducts.

Duct work isn’t something that most home owners spend a lot of time thinking or worrying about, but your duct work is a pivotal part of your home’s comfort system.  If the ducts are badly clogged, or worse, leaking, it can sap the strength, efficiency and effectiveness of your system by as much as twenty percent.  That’s money down the drain each and every month in the form of unnecessarily high power bills.  Worse, you’re paying more, but your family isn’t comfortable!

The good news is that if this is what’s causing you furnace or air conditioner to run constantly, there’s a fix for that that’s both easy and affordable.  The talented technicians at Day & Night can seal your ducts, be sure they’re clean, and almost like magic, your system will be back to working like its old self again.  The best part is, these repairs generally run MUCH less than a repair on your HVAC equipment itself, so it winds up saving you money in two ways!

That’s how the folks at Day & Night do business.  That’s the kind of company they are.  The kind of company they always have been, since they first opened their doors, way back in 1978, and that’s why, when you have problems with your furnace, your air conditioner, your home’s duct work, or even your home’s plumbing system, you should give them a call.  And, once you find out what a great company they are to work with, if you refer a friend, you can save even more money.  See the company’s website for full details, and give them a call.  The difference really is day and night!