A Consignment Auction Pantego TX Auctioneers Can Make You Some Money

Some people cannot stand clutter and are unsentimental when it comes to old furniture, clothing, or pieces of china. It can be difficult to know what to do with these things though. If they have value, donating them to a rummage sale or just tossing them out seems foolish. In these cases, smart owners can make some extra cash by adding them to a consignment auction Pantego TX auctioneers, for instance, hold on a regular basis.

Some auction houses have these sales on a monthly or quarterly basis. They collect a variety of articles from individuals and companies that are then auctioned together on an advertised date. Sometimes they will have specific types of pieces to sell, such as jewelry, china and pottery, or farm equipment. At other times they might have a wide selection of things that all different types of bidders will be interested in.

Most people are aware of the huge selling sites on the internet. These websites have a wide variety of categories that bidders can choose from to see what is available for sale. This type of auction may interest you. If you are looking at a local company though, the bidding will probably take place in a warehouse or storage facility. If this is the case, you should expect to have your items on the site so potentials buyers can inspect their condition.

There will be fees of some sort associated with this transaction. Many companies charge a flat rate for participation, and others charge a percentage of the winning bid. Sometimes an auctioneer will add a buyer’s premium that is addition to the high bid. This is usually his profit for selling your pieces.

Before you include your items in this process, you must know if your things will be sold with or without reserve. Depending on what you are selling, the auctioneer may allow you the right to accept or reject the bidder’s offer. You might want to consider advertising the price that will be acceptable to you as the opening bid.

Another possible cost you may be expected to incur is a portion of the advertising. The general public has to know about the sale in order for it to succeed, and that requires marketing. The auctioneer does not normally invest his or her own money on promoting your property. If several sellers are involved, and all pay a percentage of the cost, this should not be a huge out of pocket expense.

If you are participating in a local sale, shipping should not be an issue. The purchaser is usually responsible for removing the items from the sale site once they have paid for them. If there are costs associated with getting the your pieces to the buyer, you may be required to pay them. The auctioneer’s terms and conditions will be the deciding factor.

Consigning property in this way can be fun and profitable. Instead of throwing out things that you no longer want or can use, think about offering them to bidders and turning them into cash.

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