5 Signs It Is Too Hot For Human Existence

I have friends in different states who start to complain about the heat once it gets to about 90 degrees. As a Phoenician, I want to laugh in their face. It was 90 degrees at 7 am here and will be 111 before all is said and done. If you live in the Phoenix Metro area like me, you know that summer time heat is no joke. Sometimes I wonder if this city should even exist during the summer, or more accurately, if people should be able to exist in it. On that note, here are 5 signs that Phoenix (or wherever you live) might be too hot for human existence.

  1. Your AC is running constantly during the summer. Mine literally did not shut off all day yesterday. I even considered calling a company that provides air conditioner service Chandler AZ residents rely on to find out if it was broken. It wasn’t broken, just had to run constantly to keep up with the oppressive heat.
  2. Getting into the car sounds like a fate worse than death. The inside of my car was at least 120 degrees yesterday and as soon as I got in, I regretted it. I have a friend who actually cools her car down for ten minutes before leaving.
  3. Cooking dinner sounds like a fate worse than death. You don’t want to turn the oven on, you don’t want to use the stove to, and forget grilling. But going out sounds just as awful because you have to get in the car. So, you end up eating crackers for dinner.
  4. You can’t leave anything outside for fear it will melt. My husband was working on a project using a thin sheet of plastic, it started melting. You have to take all CDs, DVDs, etc. out of your car or you will come back to a disaster in a few short minutes.
  5. It is too hot to swim. With the weather being over 100 and the pool water being about 90, the idea of swimming sounds anything but refreshing.

In summation, we Phoenicians are crazy. We all need to move. At least, I think that until winter. Winter is pretty awesome here.

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